Thread: A Spontaneous Writing Practice

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Thread is a spontaneous writing practice. A ritual of connection. An exchange, which begins with a simple invitation: Give me a word (or a phrase or a topic) and I’ll write you a poem.  On the spot.  On my 1950 Royal Typewriter.

With just a word and a few moments, I am able to tug at the thread of whatever is at the heart of the request.  I do this by paying deep attention not only to the person asking for words, but to everything that presents itself in that moment. I follow that thread, saying yes to what emerges. Each poem created is utterly unique and completely personal, often unearthing layers of meaning that surprise, delight and humble.

I have written hundreds of poems by request in performative settings, workshops and informal gatherings. (You can find also find me every week at the Farmers Market in Bethlehem, NH.)  I am available for weddings, reunions, and other important events where the magical sound of the typewriter’s bell and the poetic intimacy of each exchange make for an unforgettable occasion.

Interested in having me write poems for guests at your next event? Get in touch! I’d love to design a program or package just for you. As a juried artist on the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts Roster, I am also available for school residencies and writing workshops.



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