I’m happy you found your way here to the ellipses fields!
A little bit about the name and how it came to be:
Ellipses are my favorite punctuation.  I love how earnestly they line themselves up, as if pointing off into the distance.  And how they suggest a moment of pause.  I also love all the various definitions of the word field, and how each one offers a particular window into a writing practice.

• an open land area free of woods and buildings
• the place where a battle is fought
• a large unbroken expanse (as of ice)
• an area or division of an activity, subject, or profession
• a space on which something is drawn or projected:
• the area visible through the lens of an optical instrument
• a region or space in which a given effect (as magnetism) exists
• a complex of forces that serve as causative agents in human behavior
• a particular area (as in a database) in which the same type of information is regularly recorded

Ellipses Fields:
A place for words. A daily practice. A showing up to what emerges.

Katherine FerrierKatherine Ferrier is an independent dance artist/educator, poet, visual artist and curator, who has been immersed in making since the late 80’s. She earned her B.A. in Dance and Women’s Studies from Middlebury College, and M.F.A. in Dance and Performance from Sarah Lawrence College.  A co-founder of The Architects, an improvisational quartet with a collaborative performance history spanning nearly 20 years, she is also the founder and Artistic Director of Immediate Theatre, and a founding member of Haiku Analog, both ensembles working with dance-theater-spoken word hybrids.  She teaches and performs regularly throughout the US and abroad. Katherine created and directs Cultivate, a festival designed to nourish community through contemporary dance in Northern New Hampshire.  Collaboration is a cornerstone of her work, and she thrives on the exciting alchemy of working with a variety of artists.  Katherine is a juried member of the New Hampshire State Council Artist Roster and offers residencies and experiential workshops in dance and writing  You can see more of her work at katherineferrier.net.