nearly (a love note)

when I am not near
let this hold the space,
she said.
let these lines
be the signs
that point you back to
this place…
and I noticed how
the word “place”
entered the air,
just as her hand
came to land
on her heart.


daylight savings

of all the things
we could speak of now
there is this:
the clocks, about to change,
the light, about to leave the sky,
the music…
riding on the static
from the station we hardly get
but keep trying.
and you,
in the other room,
about to appear,
on your way to check
the soup,
the stew,
the simmering thing
we will eat
in just a short while.
but for now
(oh! for now …)
i am in love
with what is happening
right now…
that melody,
these smells,
your smile I know is there,
because we love this song,
we love this light.

in one breath

to believe herself capable
and ready made
and appropriate for any situation
she closed her eyes,
and watched
as the entire catalog of available thoughts
came forward,
like the circling arms of a Ferris wheel,
each one a mid-air basket: